Wear Your Leather for Halloween

Great Halloween Costume Ideas
All You Need Is Your Leather Jacket

Halloween is on Monday, October 31, this year. Come to Eagle Leather that day in costume. Kids get candy; adults in costume can enter a drawing for a $50 gift certificate. And there will be cookies, coffee, and apple juice for all. Starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 5:30 PM. Watch the Eagle Leather Facebook page for photos!

Okay, so what to wear. One thing for sure, this year is not the year for a clown costume! We had some neat suggestions last year and now we’ll build on them. Click here to read last year's costume ideas.

Joan Jett, the Godmother of Punk, as in the Runaways and then Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, was famous for her leather jacket. She’s been pictured in a black leather jacket with gloves, a Ramones T-shirt, and jeans—and great big sunglasses. Beneath those glasses, you’ll want heavily made up eyes with big lashes and high contrast shadow. You can also use a more feminine shirt under your jacket with some tasteful metal jewelry. In either case, the jacket should show lots of flash with metal tops on its snaps and visible zippers.

Believe your grannie when she tells you there was no one sexier than early Marlon Brando. He’s the one who made biker jackets popular back in 1953 when he starred in The Wild One. In addition to the black leather jacket, wear jeans rolled up at the bottom, leather boots and gloves, a chain bracelet, and that marvelous hat with a visor. Marlon’s jacket in the movie had “Johnny” in white cursive on the left front.

Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun popularized the bomber jacket. To get the look, the jacket has to be well-worn. Tom’s had a brown fur collar and lots of patches. Or, you could emulate Tom when he played Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. There he often wears a black bomber jacket with nary a patch. Wear it with a V-neck black tee. He carries 9mm pistols and wears glasses, ear-plugs, and a lapel pin—all gadgets.

Who can forget Indiana Jones in his well-worn brown bomber jacket? Wear it with a beige button-up shirt and khaki pants and a belt with a big buckle. Either keep your five-o’clock shadow or use makeup to add it. Top with a brown fedora and, if you can and dare, accessorize with a whip.

If you don’t have the fedora and whip, consider wearing your brown bomber jacket as Steve McQueen. A simple black T-shirt and lighter brown pants will complete your costume.

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