Visit Eagle Leather Now For Best Selection

Visit Eagle Leather now for best selection

May 09, 2012

April 23, 2012 If you have been waiting to buy that special jacket or replace that old pair of chaps, Eagle Leather has just received a massive shipment -- a 44 foot container -- of our famous Eagle Leather branded apparel!

Eagle Leather -- The Best Leathers Guaranteed!
Eagle Leather branded jackets, pants, vests and chaps are made from top quality materials and the finest leathers. Superior construction means Eagle Leather gear feels great and has the best fit.

Eagle Leather has also invested particularly in the construction of apparel for tall individuals. "This is a really big deal for many of our customers who refuse to buy anything else but the Eagle Leather brand," said Mike Toursal, owner and motorcycle aficionado. "We insist on the top thinsulated liners, special construction of the armpit for ultimate comfort and the best zippers to ensure durability."

And Mike backs up the Eagle Leather brand with an industry-leading 2-year guarantee. If owners experience zipper or seam problems, or any type of issue with the construction of an Eagle Leather branded product, Eagle Leather will fix it or replace it free of charge.

"If you have been waiting for Eagle Leather branded pants, jackets, vests or chaps, get in the store as soon as you can to ensure the best selection," Mike said. Visit Eagle Leather Lakewood this week to get the best picks including apparel for tall men, and regular to extra large sizes for men and women.

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