Let's Define Gear

Let's Define Gear

September 09, 2011

Gear-defined as: implements, tools, or apparatus, especially as used for a particular occupation or activity; paraphernalia: motorcycle gear.

It is often under estimated the importance of wearing the correct type of motorcycle gear from gloves to boots and even the correct garments underneath. Most motorcyclists know the importance of wearing a helmet as we mentioned last week, but there are still some that do not wear adequate gear on the rest of their body.

Leather is the most traditional form of motorcycle gear but even that has advanced in recent years. The leather used for motorcycle gear is a very tough form of leather to give maximum protection. Leathers come in a wide range of styles to suit riders, different needs and situations. Choose armor for extra protection; which may be located in the shoulder area, back/spine, hips, knees and elbows; as in some of the Eagle Leather branded gear.

Leather used to be the only material for motorcycling clothing but there is now a choice of materials including abrasion resistant textiles. Specialized motorcycling gear has really gone forward during the past few years with advances in manufacturing techniques, materials and product development. These materials are much lighter making them comfortable while riding and they offer great protection against the weather. Textile garments dry out faster so when touring, clothing made from these materials are a good idea.

All Eagle Leather employees are trained for your total understanding of the product and what to expect for your kind of riding. Another major point is the importance of the correct size of clothing, helmets and accessories. A helmet that is too big can cause injury in the event of an accident and distract the rider while riding. A baggy jacket can also cause distractions such as wind noise and wind drag.

Come and see us this week, we'll talk leather or textile and what it means to you.

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