Communication is Key: Stay Connected on the Ride

Have you seen the commercial for car insurance that features motorcycle riders hollering as they ride, but not understanding what’s said? If you’ve tried to speak from bike to bike, or even with a passenger, you know how true that ad really is. But at Eagle Leather, we have products that can overcome that problem.

If you just want to communicate with a passenger or another rider close to you, Sena’s 3S MC BT Comm System FF might just be what you need. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 and pairs with dual mobile phones while supporting intercom up to 220 yards. Listen to music with crystal clear sound quality on the stereo headset by Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) with the integrated audio booster; voice prompts access music playback control by Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): play, pause, track forward, and track back. The device gives you as much as eight hours of talk time and seven days on standby. The unibody design makes it easy to install and each audio source has its own volume control.

For small groups, consider the Sena 10S Headset Intercom. It also has A2DP and AVRCP. It gives you twelve hours talk time and ten days standby time and operates over one mile in open terrain. Using Bluetooth 4.1, it gives you superior audio with built-in SBC Codec, Advanced Noise Control ™, a built-in FM radio with Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies (RDS AF). You can preset ten stations or use the automatic scan function.

For a larger group, the Sena Intercom 20S BT Single is the industry’s first dual Bluetooth module communication system. It uses Bluetooth 4.0. Sena is patenting the Audio Multitasking ™ for advanced management of intercom, phone, music, and FM radio. The bike-to-bike intercom works up to a mile and a half. Advanced Noise Control ™ gives clean, natural sound. Universal Intercom™ lets you use this device with other brands of communication systems.

And, to communicate with really big groups use the Sena 30K. With it you can talk with a four-rider group over a mile on Bluetooth, a sixteen-rider group over 1.2 miles on private mesh network, or an unlimited rider group up to 5 miles on a public mesh network. More than a Bluetooth 4.1 headset, the Sena 30K is an adaptive-mesh communicator. It’s a smart device. For instance, if a rider gets out of range, it keeps communication active within the rest of the group and searches, waiting for the rider to get back within range. No more worries about having to stop and re-connect or using daisy-chain pairings. And, because it has two antennas and two dedicated processors, you can chat and listen to music or GPS navigation at the same time. You can talk for 13 hours on the Bluetooth intercom and up to 8 hours on the mesh intercom. The 30K has A2DP and AVRCP, Advanced Noise Control™, built-in SBC Codec, and FM radio with RDS AF. You can preset ten stations or use automatic scan and can use Audio Multitasking with other Sena 30Ks.

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