Where's The Fashion Police?

A Little Humor
Turtle & The Snail

Stevie Snail was gliding across the forest floor when he looked behind him and saw three mean-looking turtles wearing leather jackets. When they saw Stevie look back, they pulled their heads into their shells and hid.

Stevie continued into the forest for a month or so. Then he looked back and saw the turtles still following him.

He moved faster and hoped to leave them behind. However, after six weeks he looked back again and they were even closer. As the weeks went on, the turtles continued to narrow the gap until they finally caught up with Stevie. They mugged him, took his clothes, and even the key to his motorcycle.

In a couple weeks, Stevie reached a pay phone and called the cops.

“I’ve been chased through the woods and mugged by three turtles!” Stevie yelled.

“Calm down; calm down,” the policeman said. “Can you describe the turtles.”

“All I saw was their leather jackets. It all happened so fast!”

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