What If Motorcycles Acted Like Computers

  1. Twice a day, your bike would crash for no reason.
  2. Every time you wanted to ride; you would have to upgrade a component of your bike.
  3. Your bike would die at random times, for no reason, and you would have to restart to ride on it.
  4. Using your controls out of order would cause your bike to shut down and refuse to start until you replaced the clutch.
  5. Harley would make a bike powered by electricity, reliable, five times faster, and twice as easy to ride, but you could only ride on the side streets.
  6. Cruisers could only handle one person at a time unless you road a “Harley95” or “HarleyNT”, but then you would need to buy more seats.
  7. Every time you went to turn the bike off it would ask you “Are you sure?”.
  8. Every time Harley introduced a new model, buyers would have to learn to ride all over again, because none of the controls would operate in the same way as the last model.
  9. To shut off the engine you need the key fob and to push the start button.
  10. On Harley’s, the speedometer and tachometer would be replaced by notifications that pop up when the bike is running.

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