Train Delay

A Little Humor
The Fishy Secret Ingredient

Back in the glory days of steam locomotives, Alan and Rick parked their motorcycles in the train station lot, bought their tickets, and went out onto the platform. And they waited, and waited, and waited.

“This is the train Ray drives,” said Alan. “I’ve taken it almost every day, and he’s never late.”

“Come on!” said Rick. Every train driver is late sometimes.”

“Not Ray! He won’t look you in the eye and he never has a kind word to say. He just jumps into the locomotive, burns his secret ingredient and arrives on time. He’s been doing it day in day out for the last fifteen years.”

“What do you mean by secret ingredient? Some special coal?”

“No, not coal. He adds oysters and mussels to the usual coal. He claims it boost the efficiency of the locomotive.”

“Okay, then why is he late today,” asks Rick. “Did he just up and quit?”

“No, no, he wouldn’t do that. He just has low shellfish steam.”

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