Rain in Tacoma

A Little Humor

Does It Ever Stop Raining in Tacoma?

Elvira thought, when she moved from Chicago to Tacoma, that she would be able to enjoy more days of motorcycle riding because the weather would be milder.

Well. True, it didn’t get as hot during that first summer, but, with all the rain, she didn’t ride as much. In fact, she spent so little time outdoors she began to envy the Pillsbury Doughboy’s tan.

One morning, as she waited for the bus in the misty rain, she asked a kid who was standing nearby, “Does it ever stop raining around here?”

“How should I know,” the kid answered. “I’m only six years old.”

Her worst fears were confirmed on the news that very night:

The Pope held a special news conference and announced: “We are in the midst of a worldwide rainfall that will create another flood and end the world. Repent and pray for mercy!”

Then the President told the nation, “Our scientists have done all they can. I ask everyone to remain calm and meet the end with American dignity and patriotism.”

And then it was time for the weather forecast. “Here in Tacoma, we’re looking at five more days of the same weather as usual.

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