Out With A Bang

A Little Humor
A Prank To Remember

Some wonderfully wacky and weirdly wonderful bucket list ideas taken from the Internet and somewhat embellished:

  • Put on red lenses, walk up to a stranger, and say, “I’m thirsty; I need your blooood!”
  • Dine at a 3-star Michelin restaurant and ask the waiter about tires.
  • Jump off a cliff—with a parasail, silly.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon—politician-powered to cut fossil fuel consumption.
  • Get a tattoo (surely we jest!)
  • Do a strip tease—to reveal the tattoo.
  • Look inside the mouth of a volcano, and no, that doesn’t include explaining to your mate about the events at the office Christmas party. (See the two items just above.)
  • Write a love note on the bathroom mirror, which may help you avoid making the next item your permanent bedroom after that office party.
  • Sleep in an igloo.
  • Feed a crocodile; make your artificial arm with 3-D printer. (I bet you thought we’d continue the office-party-penance theme.)

If a notion tickles your funny bone, we would like to see any loony additions to this nutty bucket list on the Eagle Leather Facebook page.

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