Oh Sweet Karma

A Little Humor
The Bait & Switch

Simon was overjoyed to learn that he was his father’s sole heir. And he wasn’t too sad to learn that Daddy’s stroke had left him just a few days to live. Now, despite being a motorcycle dude, Simon had never had much luck with the ladies. Now, he figured, he had the winning inducement—wealth.

He parked outside the tavern and went inside. There he saw the most beautiful woman he’d ever encountered. Ordinarily, he would never have dared approach her. But tonight, he walked right up, sat on the stool next to hers, and said, “I know I don’t look like much, but in a few days, when my father dies, I’ll inherit ten million dollars.”

It must have been the new twinkle in Simon’s eyes, because the woman looked into his eyes, and seemed smitten. She accepted drinks when he bought them, and even went home with him to the house he shared with his father.

Four days later, she was Simon’s stepmother.

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