Momma's Boy Gets Punked

A Little Humor
Mother Knows Best

Wally and Betty were motorcycle enthusiasts who shared an apartment. One night, Wally invited his mother, Ella, for dinner. He was an accomplished cook and prepared an elegant meal of coq au vin, roasted vegetables, and pineapple upside-down cake.

All through the meal he noticed his mother looking from him to Betty and back again. Finally, over the cake, he asked, “Mom, why are you looking at us so strangely.”

Ella answered, “Well, you’re both young, both good looking, and you share a love for motorcycle riding. I just wonder if you’re more than roommates.”

Wally and Betty chorused, “No, we’re just roommates.”

Ella looked dubious, but she dropped the topic.

A few days later, Betty asked Walter, “Have you seen the silver gravy ladle? We used it when your mom came to dinner and I haven’t seen it since.”

Walter responded, “I can’t imagine Mom stealing anything, but I’ll email and ask, if that makes you happy.”

He wrote: “Hi, Mom. Now, I’m not saying you took the gravy ladle and I’m not saying you didn’t take it, but the fact is that it has been missing ever since your visit.”

He received this reply: “Now, son, I’m not saying you and Betty are sleeping together and I’m not saying you are not sleeping together, but the fact is that, if she was sleeping in her own bed, she’d have found the ladle.”

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