In Good Faith

A Little Humor
A Dying Wish

Bill had a chain of motorcycle dealerships and had become fairly wealthy. But, as must happen eventually, he found himself on his death bed. He asked to see Bob, his minister, Rick, his doctor, and Steve, his lawyer.

They all met in Bill’s hospital room. He told the trio, “I know I’m dying. They say you can’t take it with you, but I’m going to prove them wrong. I’ve got $600,000.00 here in cash and I’m going to give $200,000.00 to each of you. I don’t care how you do it, but I want each of you to put the money in my coffin so it gets buried with me.”

They each agreed to carry out Bill’s wishes.

A few days after Bill’s funeral, they got together on a ride with their motorcycle club. Minister Bob told the other two, “I feel sort of bad about it, but I only put $150,000.00 into Bill’s coffin. My church has a food shelf that was nearly bare, and it seemed the Lord would rather have that money go to help poor people than rot in a coffin.”

Doctor Rick said, “I didn’t put the whole amount in either. I took out $100,000.00 and gave it to the Cancer Society. I’m sure Bill would be okay with it, because he died of that horrible disease.”

Lawyer Steve said, “I’m surprised at you. I thought both of you were more honest than that. Look at this check stub.” He pulled out his checkbook. “I put in the coffin a check for the full $200,000.00.

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