Alvin Seeks Financial Guidance

A Little Humor

Alvin Seeks Financial Guidance in The Bible

Alvin was an avid motorcycle enthusiast but also a total spendthrift. As a result, his home in Tacoma was mortgaged to the hilt, his credit cards were maxed out, his business was going down for the third time, and he had just a few hundred dollars in his checking account. He was staring at complete ruin.

“I am going to take those last dollars and go to Biketober in Daytona. I’ve never made a cross-country ride, and I may never have another chance. And, maybe some answer to my problems will come up as I ride,” Alvin thought.

He rode all the way to Daytona and had no answer. He pulled into town on Saturday night and went to church the next day. The minister was so much more inspiring than his minister back home that Alvin decided to ask for his advice.

“Here’s what you do,” the minister told him. “Put a beach chair and a Bible into your car and find a secluded spot on the beach. Go to the edge of the water and pray for guidance. Then open the Bible and let the wind ruffle the pages. When the pages stop fluttering, look down, and you’ll find your answer.”

A year later Alvin went to Daytona for Biketober again and sought out the minister again. The minister took only look at his spanking new custom motorcycle, his tailored suit, his expensive shoes and asked, “Did you go to the beach as I told you?”

“I sure did,” Alvin said.

“And you sat in the beach chair holding the Bible?”

“Yup, and here’s a big donation for your church.”

“What did you see when you looked down at your Bible?”

“Chapter 11.”

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