A Surprise Road Kill Solution

A Little Humor
Easter Bunny Revival

Charlie was riding his motorcycle in the wee hours of Easter morning. He had just worked a tough night shift and was tired. Out of nowhere came a huge rabbit in a plaid suit carrying a large basket. Charlie recognized the Easter Bunny at once and swerved desperately to avoid hitting it. He failed.

Charlie skidded to a stop and ran over to the still form of the bunny. Dyed eggs and candy were strewn about the corpse. Sobbing, he tried CPR.

Lucy was driving along and saw Charlie weeping and trying to revive the rabbit. She pulled over and asked what happened.

“I’ve killed the Easter Bunny! Think of all the disappointed children. And it’s all my fault.”

“Don’t give up just yet,” Lucy said. She opened her trunk and pulled out a spray can. She sprayed the dead bunny and—lo and behold—up jumped the rabbit. He gathered his eggs and candy and started off down the road. He got about a hundred yards away, turned, and waved. He hopped another hundred yards, turned, and waved. He repeated this performance until he was out of site.

Mouth hanging open, Charlie could only stare. When he could no longer see the revived Easter bunny, he asked Lucy, “The Easter Bunny was dead. What did you do? What’s in that can?”

“Look at the label,” Lucy answered.

Charlie read: “Hair spray. Restores Life to Dead Hair. Adds permanent wave.”

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