Break In New Leather Boots

Safety Tip of the Week
Make Your Boots Comfortable

Leather boots need to be broken in. When you get your new motorcycle boots, wear them. They will be stiff at first, but eventually they will soften just enough to conform to your feet and legs. Walk around in them before you ride in them, because any annoyance is a distraction.

Walk up and down stairs and try standing on the bottom step and flexing the boot boots over the edge of the step. Use lots of leather conditioner. Eagle Leather has that for you--click here.

When you are not wearing your boots, use stretchers in them and expand the stretchers as far as you can. also advises: Flex and bend your boots every which way and do it a lot. This will help the boots feel comfortable when you walk in them. Wear your motorcycle boots every time you go outside—wear them inside, too. With your boots on, rub the heel and bridge areas with rubbing alcohol and let that dry with the boots still on.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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