5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Leather Jacket

by Eagle Leather

5 Awesome Halloween Ideas For Your Leather Jacket
Need a last-minute costume? Just grab your leathers!

We can't believe it either, but it's already Halloween. That's right - October has come and gone. Life has a funny way of creeping up on us, so if you forgot to get a costume together for Halloween, chances are you are not alone. Never fear, though! We've compiled five awesome costume ideas that involve one major piece, and it's something you already own and love: your leather motorcycle jacket!

1. The Terminator
Made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is one bad dude, and quite a fan favorite. Just practice saying, "I'll be back," and you're good to go. Some epic fight moves couldn't hurt either. If you're really brave, you can wear your motorcycle jacket without a shirt! (ha-ha!)

What you'll need: Leather pants, leather jacket, black t-shirt, sunglasses, and one bad attitude!
2. The Fonz
Fonzie from the TV show "Happy Days," is one of the move beloved television characters of all time. If you go out dressed as the Fonz, you better practice fixing the jukebox with your fist! And, of course, you better practice saying, "AAAAAAYYYYYYY."

What you'll need: Your motorcycle jacket, a white or black t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and two thumbs up!

3. James Dean
For an instant classic, you can't go wrong with James Dean. He was an avid rider and motorcycle enthusiast. That's why our Facebook fan Doug B. suggested this one! If you're looking to go as a duo, ask your lady friend to dress as Marilyn Monroe for an old Hollywood night out.

What you'll need: Your motorcycle jacket, a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a fake cigarette!

4. Sandy and Danny
Grease is the word! This suggestion comes courtesy of our Facebook fan, Janelle R. This classic leather-clad couple from Grease is perfect for the rider duo who wants to dress as a team! Ladies - grab the hair spray, and gents - grab the hair gel. Be prepared to sing "You're the one that I want," all night long.

What you'll need: Ladies, you'll want form fitting leggings with a black tee to complement your leather jacket. Gents, you have a choice between a form-fitting white or black tee, but tight black pants or jeans are a must to go with your jacket!

5. Mad Max
This suggestion comes courtesy of our Facebook fan John V. Mad Max is definitely a cool character to play. This classic anti-hero takes on intense motorcycle gangs to keep the highways safe.

What you'll need: All black. Black t-shirt, black pants, black motorcycle jacket, and black sunglasses. You can get creative with some black shoulder pads and add some fake accessories to complete the ensemble. Don't forget your bike!

Do you have any other Halloween costume ideas? Or do you want to show your costume off? Head on over to the Eagle Leather Facebook page and share your thoughts!

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