Heated Insole 12 Volt

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Gerbing's Heated Insoles heats the entire bottom of you foot, surrounding your entire
foot with warmth.

Our heated soles are designed to keep you warm when plugged into a 12 volt DC power source, like that found on most vehicles,
motorcycles, auto, snowmobiles, ATV's, or to the 4,0A LiPo battery.

Heated Insole Sizing
Men’s Boot Size Insole Size
4-5 XS
5.5-6.5 S
7-8 M
8.5-9.5 L
10-11 XL
12-14 2XL

Women’s Boot Size Insole Size
5-6 XS
6.5-7.5 S
8-9 M
9.5-1.05 L
11-12 XL