Tour-Cruising Mexico by Motorcycle

February 07, 2012

Ever wanted to take a trip south of the border but were afraid to cross the proverbial border or scared-to-death that you would get whisked away into some unknown dusty jail-house? Or were you just unsure of what you needed to ride comfortably and safely? Bret Tkacs of Puget Sound Safety will be giving a seminar on Wednesday, February 15 at 7PM at Eagle Leather in Lakewood that will dispel myths of riding in our neighboring country to the south, talk about gear needed for longer rides, and more!

Bret is on board to deliver this, his second seminar, following his debut on Thursday, February 9 titled "Street Survival."

For his "Mexico" seminar, Bret will share stories from his numerous rides to our neighboring country including treks to Copper Canyon, the Baja Peninsula and other interesting points, and the gear that got him there. Here's more about what you will learn:

- Gear you need
- How to pack it
- Crossing the border: What to expect
- About Mexican Law: Check points and limits
- Dispelling myths about language and danger
- Knowing where to go and what to avoid
- Filling up! (Where and what to eat and filling your tank)

If you have ever thought about a ride to Mexico or are considering new places to go, don't miss this seminar. Learn what to wear and what to pack to get the most out of your ride; know what to expect at the border; get cultural insights, and more.

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