Tips for Short Riders Handling Large Bikes

Safety Tip of the Week

Tips for Short Riders Handling Big Bikes

This safety tip is condensed from Tricia Szulewski’s article on the WRN™ website.

Start with a shorter, lighter-weight machine—short enough that you can put both feet flat on the ground when you park and light enough so you can hold it up if it starts to tilt. Practice accelerating, taking sharp turns, quick stops, swerves. Practice starting on a hill (facing up and down). Practice stopping with only your left foot down.

When you’ve totally mastered that bike, then go larger. Parking and stopping are two big hurdles when you can’t get both feet onto the ground. Avoid unpaved parking lots and slopes. Find a spot where you can exit forward when it’s time to go. Get used to leaning left when you stop, so you can use the rear brake pedal to come to a complete stop.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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