Tips For Enjoying Long Rides

Tips for Enjoying Long Rides

July 31, 2012

A number of great annual rides are around the corner. Regardless of if you are Sturgis-bound or have some other plan, here are a few tips for riders.

1. Protect Your Sit-upon!

Few things can ruin a trip quicker than "saddle sores," so if you're planning to head out for a long ride, check out Eagle Leather's Gel Pads and Seat Cushions! Ranging in price, there are a variety of options that let you gel, polyurethane, or air pump your bum for comfort.
AirHawk Seat Pad
Gel Pad
2. Pack for All Weather

Rain drops can feel like your 8-year old went wild with a bee-bee gun if you don't have rain gear. Specially made rain gear can easily slip on over your clothes and can help you enjoy riding in rain as much as clear weather riding. Eagle Leather has gear with Velcro wrist and neck closures to keep the rain out and dry in!
Sierra Rain Jacket

Rain Man Jacket

3. Pack Extra Stuff in a Multi-pocket Vest

Guys and gals can look great and hide extra "necessities" in a vest. Get a soft-milled leather vest with great looking buffalo nickel snaps, or a classic look with leather lacing up the side. Want something a bit more intense? Check out our Skull vest.
Mens Leather Vests

Cool Leather Vests

4. Make Sure the Fit is Good

So you lost a few, you gained a few -- maybe you grew or shrunk a few. We all do. But when it comes to gear, too tight or too relaxed can cause serious discomfort on long rides. If the gear has been in the closet for a while, take the time to dust it off and try it on. Get gear fixed that needs repair and replace what just doesn't work for you anymore.

5. Have the Right Luggage

Loading for you, your riding partner, a tent, blow-up bed, a few pillows and the all important cooler? If it's not built for a bike, it might just end up as a new form of road kill. Pack it right with a few
choice pieces.
Saddlebag Cooler

Solar King Tourer

6. Chat it up!

Keep in touch with your friends and others on the road with state-of the-art communication tools just for riders. Be sure to ask about noise cancelling and wind blocking capabilities along with full-duplexing that enables continuous conversation between speakers.
Half-Shell Tele-Communications

Scala Sets

6. Give/Get More Tips on Facebook

Tell us what else can make or break your ride. What do you pack and how do you pack it? What's necessity and what's frivolous? Visit our facebook page and contribute to the conversation!

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