This Labor Day, Stop and Say "Thanks!"

This Labor Day, Stop and Say "Thanks!"

September 04, 2012

Dear Eagle Leather Riding Community Friends,

Labor Day weekend is upon us. I never knew really why we celebrated labor day until ten or fifteen years ago when I found out it was created to honor the social and economic achievements of the American worker.

In the Northwest, that means saying thanks to loggers, lumbermen and forest workers, military, aerospace, marine, technology and other maintenance and manufacturing personnel who have made many sacrifices and achieved so much for our country. With this in mind, I want to personally take a moment to thank all the men and women who have made our region so successful and such a great place to live. And I want to encourage all my friends to join in!

With this significant celebration, we also make the sub-conscious change in our thinking that summer has past and fall is upon us. As far as this seasonal issue is concerned, however, I am thinking that for us Northwesterners the date should actually be in mid-October when rain is more prevalent and colder temperatures set in. Here is what I am thinking:

In many parts of the country, Labor Day triggers people to prepare for the cooler and crisper weather that precedes an unknown snowy winter. They almost immediately abandon summer-related activities and move inside to hide from the changing weather: eastern beaches empty out; mountaineers start looking for their winter clothes; and parents begin thinking about Halloween and Christmas!

But for us Northwesterners the trend is a bit different: we look forward to lovely extended mild temperatures that can carry us into October before winter rains set in. So as far as my thinking is concerned, a separate celebration should be held that better signifies the change in weather for us here in the Northwest!

If Eagle Leather throws a Labor Day Redo in October, would you attend? Take a quick survey about possible dates and venues.

For those of us who prefer to get around on our motorcycles, it means another 6 to 8 weeks of fantastic riding. My point is, if you live here in the Northwest, don't even consider putting your bike away yet -- there are plenty more riding opportunities out there including one of the biggest events held annually in the state -- Oyster Run! If you are planning to join in this annual fun, be sure to visit us at our booth -- we'll be there!

Beyond that, if you are looking to make some new riding friends or just want to hook up for a group ride, here are a few that are meeting up at Eagle Leather Lakewood in September (see others at
  • BACA Puget Sound Chapter's "Around the Sound" Mystery Poker Run, Sept 8, 11 AM.
  • Lucky Dice Run, Sept 15, 9AM.
  • National POW/MIA Day Recognition Run, Sept 22, 9:30 AM. See more

And be sure to save the date for this year's annual Olympia Toy Run on December 1!

I hope to see you soon on the road or at your favorite Eagle Leather store!

Mike Toursal
Eagle Leather

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