Join us for Mike's Food Bank Ride

Join Us for Mike's Food Bank Ride

May 31, 2012

Meet June 24, 12 PM Eagle Leather Lakewood
Enjoy a free, laid back ride with lot's of prizes and fun
  • Bring food/goods for the Auburn and Lakewood Food Banks --
  • Biggest Donor wins a Jumbo Tail / Tank Bag
  • Free T-Shirts for Largest Group to Attend
  • Early Birds Win T's Too
Mike was all amped up for a ride with friends a few Sundays ago (May 20), but rain came and spoiled the fun. The ever-so resilient Mike, however, wants to give it another try. So he's putting a new date out for another Eagle Leather event that is sure to be a blast!

Friends and newcomers are invited to join in to a newly scheduled 2-hour (approx.) run from Eagle Leather Lakewood to Eagle Leather Auburn on Sunday June 24. Meet at 12 noon at Eagle Leather Lakewood. With kickstands up at 1PM, the ride will wrap upon arrival at Eagle Leather Auburn around 3PM.

[Important Note: We will have a "Support and Gear" truck along with us to help out anyone that might have a problem along the way.]

Riders will gather at Eagle Leather Lakewood at 12 noon for FREE dogs and to show off their donation piles. Riders will vote on who has the biggest pile of donations (by the way -- it has to all fit on your bike!). And a few other fun contests will give participants the chance to win other cool Eagle Leather gifts.

"We want to be sure to get pictures of all the fun stuff so we can put it on our Facebook page and share it with all our friends," Mike said. "Be sure to come at noon so we can ride at 1PM sharp."

Bring Food/Goods Donations for Auburn & Lakewood Food Banks
Biggest Donor Wins a Jumbo Tail / Tank Bag

Here's the challenge: get as much food and other donations piled on to your bike for this worthy competition as you can. Before we ride out, Mike's Mulligan riders will vote for the biggest pile of loot, and that person will take home a Jumbo Tail / Tank Bag from Eagle Leather.

"We are planning a few of our stops for this ride to be at the food banks," Mike explained, "so we will have the chance to see that everything is going directly to the food banks. I think that is important and really gives everyone the chance to feel a sense of accomplishment."

Free T-Shirts for Largest Group to Attend
The competition is still on for free T-shirts for all members of the largest group to attend Mike's Mulligan. This can be any organized group, or any informal group of friends or family members that want to play along.

When you sign in on the 24th, you can indicate what group you are with -- a minimum of 10 individuals must be associated with the group to qualify! Every individual in the group with the largest number of members signed in at 12:30pm will get the FREE T's!

2nd and 3rd Place Prizes
There will be prizes for all members of the second and third largest groups to attend too (groups must have a minimum of 10 riders to qualify). The second prize is an Eagle Leather multi-tool that riders can easily wear on their belt. Third prize are cool flashlights that can be stowed in a pocket or in a bike bag.

Early Birds Win Too!
Not with a group? Don't fret! Be one of the first 20 non-affiliated riders to sign in on the 24th and you'll get a FREE t-shirt too!

"We are hoping for a great turn-out, and to have a good time," Mike said. "Sign up so we have an idea of how many folks will be along, and think about what you can bring along to support our local food banks."

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