Free Safety Seminars at Eagle Leather

Free Safety Seminars at Eagle Leather

June 15, 2012

Chris Johnson of Washington Motorcycle Safety Training will be giving free seminars at Eagle Leather focusing on a few key areas of safe riding:
  • Maintaining lines through corners (a challenge for big bikes)
  • Increasing ground clearance on a cruiser
  • Handling weight transfer
  • Providing the best ride for passengers
  • Controlling the monster at low speeds
  • And the value of riding gear at high speeds

Plus, as an added bonus, get hands on experience uprighting a fallen bike! Chris says "even a person weighing just a hundred pounds can lift a bike if they know the proper technique."

Chris -- a former amateur road racer -- is an MSF-certified RiderCoach, advanced riding trainer, creator of the "On Street Course," and owner of Washington Motorcycle Safety Training, an approved provider of the Washington Department of Licensing motorcycle training courses. He will deliver these seminars rain or shine on the following dates and times:

Eagle Leather Auburn, July 7, 10:30 AM
Eagle Leather Lakewood, August 4, 10:30 AM

Looking for more background on Chris and Washington Motorcycle Safety Training? Take a look at these videos:


Register for the Auburn Safety Seminar

Register for the Lakewood Safety Seminar

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