Eagle Leather's Helmet and Communication Systems Open House 2020 Recap.

The Eagle Leather Helmet and Headset Open House was a tremendous success. We were able to give away more--$500.00 more—than the $2000.00 we advertised. If you were one of the forty winners in the five drawings we held during the Open House, please post on our Facebook page. Things were happening so fast, we didn’t get everyone’s name!

We had a fifteen-percent-off sale on Cardo Communication systems. Mike Tole explained those systems, including the Scala Ride Packtalk Duo: https://eagleleather.com/products/cardo-scala-rider-packtalk-duo. Cardo has a patent pending on its Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) that allows groups of at least ten riders to communicate, while allowing riders to join or leave the group without interfering with ongoing communications. The bike-to-bike intercom has a range of up to a mile as an intercom and up to three miles in DMC mode; calls automatically transfer to mobile phone when the range is exceeded. You can also make mobile phone conference calls with your intercom partners in the group or with an outside caller. Advanced voice recognition technology gives you true hands-free operation for greater safety; speed dial is also voice-controlled. You get FM radio with RDS and can set up presets for six stations. The radio, as well as GPS and MP3 music, continues in the background during intercom calls. The volume self-adjusts according to your speed and the noise around you. You get up to thirteen hours of talk time and a full week on standby.

Matt Riffe spoke about Scorpion products, which include the 3-in-1 Covert Helmet shown here: https://eagleleather.com/products/covert-3in-1-versatile-helmet. You can use it three ways. It’s based on a half helmet, then adds a drop-down sun visor. Use the rear comfort sleeve to convert it to three-quarters open face. Attach the front mask, which is included, and you have a full helmet. Scorpion has developed an advanced LG® Polycarbonate Shell to minimize weight and disperse impact. The helmet has the Aero-Tuned Ventilation System for your riding comfort. The SpeedView® Drop-Down SunVisor is retractable and its EverClear® coating prevents fogging. You get the dark smoke-colored visor installed and a clear visor to use at night. The KwikWick II® Anti-Microbial Comfort Liner keeps you warm in cool weather, cool and dry when its hot. You can easily remove the liner to wash it. The helmet comes with a removable rear comfort sleeve and a removable front mask with neodymium magnets. It’s DOT approved and has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Scorpions newest models include cold weather ear covers with integrated speaker products so you can use BlueTooth® in half helmet mode.

Michael discussed Sena Systems products including the Momentum INC Pro, which is shown here: https://eagleleather.com/products/momentum-inc-pro-helmet-mb. The helmet has a QHD action camera mounted on the front center of the helmet so you can capture moments with the touch of a button. You get a 135-degree field of view and a two-hour looping video recording time. It’s also the first Intelligent Noise Control™ helmet (DOT-certified only) so you can communicate using BlueTooth® without too much external noise. You can switch the system off so you can hear what’s going on around you. The helmet uses BlueTooth 4.1 and its eight-way intercom has a range of a mile.

Eric Wright from Bell helmets didn’t make a presentation, but was available to answer questions about Bell products such as the SRT full-face helmet shown here in white: https://eagleleather.com/products/bell-srt-ff-helmet-white. This helmet features recessed EPS speaker pockets. It is made of lightweight fiberglass and has a Panovision Class 1 optical-quality clear shield. It’s compatible with eyewear. It is certified: DOT Snell M2015.

Tom Connor told us about Firstgear. No, they don’t make helmets or communications systems, but their protective wearables are magnificent. For example, check out their Kilimanjaro pants shown here: https://eagleleather.com/products/mens-37-5-kilimanjaro-pants. The exterior is made of 420-denier nylon, so it is both supple and tough. Then add PTFE laminate with its advance micro-particle technology that’s waterproof and breathable as well as D3O armor padding that meets CE standards at knees and hips. The extra-long, two-way zippers on the side let you get in and out of the pants easily and quickly.

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