Pants -- An Essential for the Real Rider.

Pants -- An Essential for the Real Rider

November 09, 2012

Serious riders take note -- Eagle Leather is offering a great deal on pants starting on Nov. 9 and running through Nov. 15, 2012 as part of its month long 17th anniversary celebration. Be sure to download the coupon and get in to Eagle Leather.

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Every rider should wear protective riding pants whenever they get on a bike. The simple facts are, riding pants protect the lower body from road rash and extreme weather conditions. They also give the rider a heightened level of comfort that provides added confidence that you just can't get with every day pants or items that are less substantial.

Jeans simply don't offer that much protection from abrasion because they aren't that thick and don't have some of the more substantial materials that riding pants have. Jeans are made for comfort, but riding pants are made to protect.

Most riding pants also offer unparalleled water proofing for the rider, which keeps the rider dry and thus more comfortable.

There are a few basic types of pants for the rider and can come in different combinations with choices between textile and leather, and standard and over-pants. Standards can be worn by themselves (like jeans) and are cooler and less bulky: choices between textiles and leathers are usually based on individual tastes.

More experienced riders tend to prefer the textile over-pants and have told Eagle Leather associates they prefer them for their versatility, light-weight nature, added protection in the knees and hips, and removable liners that act as added barriers against the heat and the cold. They are a bit bigger than your regular size to easily accommodate the bulk of extra clothing you are wearing underneath.

The next most popular style is textile riding pants (Draggin Jeans or similar). Worn alone, they offer good protection for legs and, due to fewer layers, keep riders cooler in warm conditions. Their stylish design also transitions well from the bike and into other environments, for example restaurants or shops.

The next most popular category covers the real rider's favorite -- leather. Over and above the breathable and light-weight qualities of textile pants, leathers are the quintessential essence of the riding culture. But in addition to providing style and great looks, they also provide the flexibility and protection that riders need. And the level of abrasion protection offered by leathers exceeds that found in textile gear.

Whatever your preference, all pants are on sale Nov. 9 through Nov. 15, 2012. Take advantage of these outrageously great bargains and get into the store!

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