Heat and Summer Temps Require Cooling Gear

Heat and Summer Temps Require Cooling Gear

July 17, 2014

It's HOT for Summer Riding!

Cooling Gear is the Key to the Perfect Summer Ride

Cooling Gear can make the difference between a great ride on a hot, sunny day and a miserable, sweaty afternoon. Have you ever wondered how the various types of gear work to keep you cool?

Maybe you’re getting ready to ride to Sturgis, across mile after mile of sun-baked landscape, or maybe you just like to ride in the sunshine. With the right cooling gear, you can enjoy those summer rides in comfort.

Essentially, cooling gear sweats so you don’t. Since you’re not losing bodily fluids as sweat, you are less likely to suffer heat stress. Cooling gear works through evaporation. Heat energy is used to vaporize water, not to warm you—so you feel cooler. And cooling gear holds a lot of water—enough to keep you cooler for hours and hours. Let’s look at some of the cooling gear Eagle Leather offers.

Cooldannas can be worn around the head or as a neck scarf. They get their magic from cooling crystals, polyacrylamide granules. (Don’t worry, the granules are non-toxic.) When you soak the bandanna in water, the granules take up the water, expand and become a crystalline gel. The bandanna fabric can then absorb water from the gel, and as that evaporates, your head or neck feels cooler. The gel holds so much water that this process can cool you for hours.
Check out the wide array of colors and patterns here.

The Evaporative Cooling Vest also uses polymers to hold a lot of water. As that water slowly evaporates, you stay cool without losing body fluids by sweating. The polymer is embedded in the fabric of the vest. You use it just like the Cooldanna—wet it, wring it out, wear it and repeat as needed. When it gets dirty, just wash it in warm soapy water. Take a look.

The Gulpz™ Evaporative Cooling Vest uses fabric with embedded polymers to cool your back and adds a 70-fluid-ounce water bladder and a hands-free drinking hose with a bite valve. The Evaporative Cooling Vest keeps your water cool, too. It gives heat stress a double-whammy by cooling you without sweat and by making it easy for you to keep hydrated.
You’ll find it here.

If you enjoy summer rides—and what motorcycle enthusiast doesn’t—you’ll enjoy them a whole lot more with cooling gear from Eagle Leather!

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