Bruno Mars to Wear Gerbing's Heated Gear Sunday

Bruno Mars to Wear Gerbing's Heated Gear Sunday

January 29, 2014

Gerbing’s Heated Gear Keeps You Warm
On a Bike… or in a Stadium!

We know who we are cheering for this weekend - our hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks! Those lucky enough to be watching in the stands will face freezing winter temperatures. But many sideline reporters and entertainers have learned a secret that motorcyclists have known for years: Gerbing's Heated Clothing!

The polar vortex returned early Monday morning to 20+ states, creating more subzero temperatures. Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Detroit, and other cities are expected to record their lowest temperatures of the winter season. School cancellations, government office shutdowns, and public transit stoppages have made many cities feel like ghost towns, as people prefer to stay indoors, shielded from the wind chills that are causing subzero temperatures, even double digits below.

Everyone knows it’s freezing outside, and everyone is planning for it. The organizers of this year’s Super Bowl are no different. Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, has spoken several times about their contingency plans to move the game to Saturday or Monday in case of overwhelming blizzard like conditions. However, even though it will be cold, the show must go on!

There are many ways to stay warm in the cold. One of the best ways is with Gerbing’s Heated Motorcycle Gear – guaranteed to help keep you cozy, comfortable, and warm for cold-weather riding. Gerbing’s heated gear is known by riders everywhere as some of the best heated clothing there is, and its line of heated glove liners are no exception. Erin Andrews, sideline reporter for Fox Sports, wore Gerbing’s Electric Glove Liners during the NFL playoff game in Green Bay. Gerbing’s sent her their entire line of heated gear to wear during the Super Bowl as well. Eagle Leather carries six styles of Gerbing’s heated gloves, ranging from $90 glove liners to $200 premium leather models. These gloves make excellent gifts for any rider and come in both men and women’s styles.

Super Bowl halftime performer Bruno Mars may be a fashion icon, but fans at the game won’t even be able to see his most covetable wardrobe accessory. He’ll be wearing battery-powered sock liners from Gerbing’s. You may be asking, “How can he power Gerbing’s heated gear without being connected to a motorcycle?” The secret is a battery pack. Instead of connecting to a bike for power, anyone can wear a portable battery pack to power the heated gear. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like camping, ice fishing, and—of course—football games!

Go Seahawks!

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