Turkey Farm To Table

A Little Humor
The Fresher The Better?

Jim, the motorcycle enthusiast swears this story is true (even though Snopes says it dates back as far as 1880).

His neighbor, Alicia, was somehow convinced that the fresher the turkey the better, and no already-killed turkey from the supermarket would do for her family. No, she needed a really fresh bird, and that meant a live one. So she located a turkey farm and bought a nice fat tom. She kept it in a pen in the backyard for the few days remaining until Thanksgiving Day.

Early in the morning of the big day, Alicia went out to kill the turkey. She had an axe, but she couldn’t bear to look it in the eye and kill it. But she was an anesthetist and she happened to have chloroform on hand. She used it to put the turkey to sleep. She carried it into the house and began the tedious task of plucking the feathers.

She was pretty well finishing plucking when the turkey woke up.

Jim says he could hear her shouting and ran to help.

“And there she was, being chased around the kitchen by an angry, naked turkey.”

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