If The Suit Fits

Alex survived two motorcycle accidents only to die at work wearing his brand-new suit.

The mortician asked his wife, Tonette, “He looks good in that suit. Is that what you want him buried in?”

Tonette answered, “Oh, no! He must be buried in a blue suit. He always looked his best in blue. Here’s a blank check. I don’t care what you have to spend, just be sure he’s wearing a blue suit for the viewing tomorrow.”

When she returned for the wake, Tonette was delighted to find Alex wearing a blue suit, which fit him perfectly.

“Whatever this cost, it was worth it,” she told the mortician. “What did you spend?”

The mortician handed her back her blank check. “No charge,” he said.
“But you’ve done an excellent job, for which I’m truly grateful. I’m more than ready to compensate you for the cost of the suit.”

“Really, it didn’t cost a penny. Just after you left, another deceased gentleman arrived. He was about your husband’s build and he was wearing a blue suit. I asked his wife if she minded him going to the Great Beyond in a black suit, and she said she didn’t care what he wore. Then it was just a matter of switching the heads.

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