Robbie and The Russian Watch

A Little Humor
Robbie Goes to Moscow

Robbie went to Moscow to purchase Russian motorcycles of World War II vintage. He was impatiently waiting for his taxi when he saw a fellow walking slowly, weighed down by two heavy suitcases.

Robbie asked, “Do you speak English? Do you know what time it is?”

“Da, yes, I speak English.” The Russian answered. “The time is 5:35 and 15 seconds. The date is June 15, the moon is full and the sunset will be at 9:16.

Robbie was amazed! “Is that a high-tech Japanese watch?”

“No, it’s a Russian watch. It’s a product of superior Russian technology.”

“Well, I think it’s terrific! My hat’s off to Russian technology.”

“Da,” says the Russian, as he struggles to pick up the suitcases, “but these batteries are a bit heavy.”

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