Monsters under her bed!

Chloe was terrified that monsters lurked under her bed. One day she saw an ad on television in which Dr. Martin offered a free first consultation. She drove her car to Dr. Martin’s office. The free consultation was brief, to say the least.

“What’s the problem?” asked Dr. Martin.

“I keep thinking there are monsters under my bed. That makes it hard to get to sleep. I can’t feel safe in my own bed. I know it’s childish, but I can’t get the monsters out of my mind.”

The shrink told her that it would take only six sessions and three hundred dollars a session to be rid of her fear of monsters under her bed and have a feeling of safety.

“That’s too much for me to afford,” lamented Chloe.

A few weeks later, Dr. Martin saw Chloe in a coffee shop. “Still bothered by monsters under your bed?” he asked.

“No. They’re gone. I’m safe now.”

“What happened?”

“I offered my biker friend Mabel a case of beer if she could solve my problem. And she did!”

“How did she manage that without extensive talk therapy?”

“I think you mean expensive talk therapy. But anyway, it was quite simple. She told me to saw the legs off my bed.”

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