Martha's Divorce.

This is a paraphrase of one of Zig Ziglar’s jokes.

Martha rode her motorcycle to an attorney’s office. Once in his office, she states, “I want to divorce my husband.”

“Okay,” says James, the attorney. “Do you have any grounds?”

“Yes, we have five acres in the country.”

“I mean, do you have a grudge?”

Martha answers, “Well, no, but we do have a carport and a storage shed.”

James is clearly frustrated by that response. “Let me rephrase. Do you have any complaints about your husband? For instance, does he beat you up?”

“No, I’m up at least an hour before he is every day, including Sunday.”

Getting nowhere fast, James tries an entirely new tack. “Let’s consider your role in the breakdown of the marriage. Do you ever wake up grouchy?”

“Oh, my, no! When he’s in a bad mood, I just let him sleep.”

Totally exasperated, James asks, “Just tell me exactly why you want a divorce.”

Martha replies, “That guy just can’t communicate.”

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