Marty and Marge at Daytona Bike Week

A Little Humor

Marty and Marge Go To Daytona Bike Week.

Marty and Marge took their teenagers to Daytona for bike week. They camped in two tents at the Daytona Speedway. (When you have teenagers, you take advantage of every freebie you can!) One night Marge said she’d like to go with some women friends to see the movie at Hold Fast Tattoo.

Marty said, “Sure, hon. Some of the guys rented a limo and they’re going bar hopping. If you don’t mind, I’ll tag along for a while.”

Marge thought that was fine, and they went off with their separate groups.

Marty, who was never a big drinker, came back much the worse for wear. He woke, however, to find a cup of coffee and a couple aspirins next to his pillow. Fresh clothes were laid out for him. And when he stepped out of the tent he found a bacon-and-eggs breakfast ready for him.

“What happened? What did I do?” he asked son Marvin.

“You didn’t get home till two this morning. You fell down hit your head on the fire ring. Then you threw up on the way to your tent. Mom had to undress you.”

“Oh my gosh! Why is she being so nice to me?”

“Because when she was trying to get your pants off, you tried to fight her away and you shouted, ‘Get away from me, miss. I’m a happily married man!’”

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