I could never date a beekeeper.

Laugh A Little

Howie didn’t put his own picture on his online dating profile. Instead he displayed a picture of his motorcycle. Louise didn’t show her own picture either; she displayed a photo of her dog.

Howie sent her what he thought was a pretty clever message: “Your dog can ride on my motorcycle any time.”

Louise thought that was actually cute and responded, “My dog’s name is Debit. Does your bike have a name?”

“I just call it Harley.”

“That doesn’t sound too original. I’m a CPA.”

“No, I guess it’s not a very original name. I’m a beekeeper.”

“Well, you should know right now, I could never date a beekeeper.”

Nevertheless, the pair seemed to click and texted back and forth often. They shared more and more personal information: what movies they liked, where they went to school, and so on. But neither of them sent pictures of themselves. After all, they were never going to date.

Then, out of the blue, Louise texted, “I really want to meet you in person. I think we share so much. I am going to send you my picture, and I want to see yours. But no matter what, I could never date a beekeeper.”

Howie dithered. He didn’t want to give up beekeeping. But he did want to at least see what Louise looked like. Finally, he clicked on the image.

He exclaimed: “Then I saw her face! Now I’m a bee leaver.

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