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Priorities... Priorities...

Alan and Marie each have a motorcycle, and they have a car, too. They moved from Tacoma to Minneapolis one summer. When winter came, they learned about two-foot snowfalls and “snow emergencies” when cars have to park on one side of the street so plows can clear the road.

The first week in January, the guy on the TV news announced, “Minneapolis has a snow emergency. You must park on the north or east side of the street.” Marie dutifully went outside and moved the car to the north side of the street.

Two weeks later, the announcer read, “Minneapolis has another snow emergency. Park on the south or west side of the street tonight.” Marie trudged out into the cold and parked the car on the south side of the street.

As Valentine’s Day approached, the newsman announced yet another snow emergency. “We’re having a typical Minnesota winter, folks. We’ve got another snow emergency for Minneapolis. Park on the north or east side of the street tonight.”

As Marie put on her heavy coat, Alan said, “Why not just leave the car in the garage this time?”

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