Visors for Rainy Weather

Safety Tip of the Week
Prepping your helmet for your rain ride.
We know you want to ride EVERY day of the year. Riding in the rain isn't so bad if you've got the right gear.


Here are three ways to make your next rainy ride a fun one.


  1. Clean your shield. We recommend a cleaner such as Bug Slide.


  1. Apply Anti Fog to the inside of your shield. Sprays like the one we just linked are a convenient and inexpensive solution. For a long term fix for the fog, we strongly recommend a pinlock insert if it is available for the make/model of your helmet. Ask one of our gear specialists today for more information.*


  1. Wax the outside of your visor to make sure water beads up and rolls off, rather than pooling and making it difficult to see. We get great feedback on the Rain Zip Rain Repellent from our customers.


Looking for an easy way to get started? Check out the Helmet Care Kit which includes sample sizes of cleaner, anti-fog, rain repellent, and even a helmet refresher!


*Our Gear Specialists are always available to help - call or email us today:


Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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