Visors for Rainy Weather

by Eagle Leather
Safety Tip of the Week
Picking a Visor for Rainy Weather

When it rains, your visor is apt to fog up. Some say that certain brands of helmets are less likely to, but you have to do your research. For other helmets, try installing an insert like the Pinlock insert. Motorcycle enthusiasts say that they really do work to ban fog.

Rainy days are dark days, so use a clear visor rather than a dark one. Yellow-tinted visors increase contrast and can let you see more clearly. Don’t mistake the gold iridium shields for the yellow-tinted ones that increase contrast. You can see one of Eagle Leather’s yellow replacement visors here.

Helmet makers advise against using stuff on your visor that makes water bead and run off quickly. However, if you change your visors often because of wear and tear, you might consider using such a product.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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