Safety Tips for Riding 3-Wheel Motorcycles

Safety Tip of the Week

How To Safely Ride 3-Wheel Motorcycles

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers these safety tips for riding 3-wheel motorcycles and dealing with sand, mud, water, or any obstruction (and we believe you’ll notice that they apply to everyone):

Downshift and slow down before you get to the troublesome stretch of road.

Tap your brakes to flash your brake light, thus helping drivers notice you are slowing down.

Cross the bad spot in a straight line if that’s at all possible; at minimum, don’t change direction or speed abruptly.

If all the tires will hit the obstacle (like a 2x4 in the road) rise up off the seat a little. BUT if just one tire will hit the obstacle, stay seated. Either way, hold tight to the handgrips, but don’t lock your arms. Slightly roll on the throttle just before hitting the obstacle to slightly lighten the front end of your 3-wheel motorcycle. Roll off the throttle just before the back tires hit the obstacle.

If just one tire crosses the obstacle, you might feel a lot of handlebar movement side to side, especially on a dual-rear wheel vehicle. Don’t worry, the motion will stop quickly after you cross the obstacle.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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