Is Your Gear Keeping You Safe

Safety Tip of the Week
Is Your Gear Safe?

A wise motorcyclist knows he or she can take a spill through no fault of their own. So now, in this gift-giving season, take an inventory of your own gear. It’s time to be sure you have everything you need to make you as safe as possible.

Is your helmet too old to be safe? If it’s had a hard knock or is older than the manufacturer recommends, it should be replaced with a helmet that can do the job.

Does your leather jacket still fit? If you’ve grown a bit wider since you bought it, maybe it’s time to replace it. Is it still comfortable to wear, and does it give you free movement through the shoulders? Does it zip or snap closed comfortably? If not, shop for a new one.

Do you have leather pants or chaps? We call it “road rash,” but that’s a euphemism if there ever was one. This could be the year to invest in protective legwear.

How about your boots—are they wearing out? Do they fit properly? If they are too tight, your feet won’t get the proper circulation.

Do you have heated gloves or glove liners to keep your hands warm, flexible, and effective? And what about other heated gear?

Now that you’ve inventoried the gear you need, you can buy it for yourself at Eagle Leather’s Black Friday sale, or you can find the items you want and put them on your wishlist. Then you can tell whoever plays Santa at your house where to find what will be your favorite holiday gifts—though they may not be on sale any longer.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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