Beware of Changeable Spring Weather!

Safety Tip of the Week

Dangers for Riding In the Spring

Spring weather is changeable. When you ride in the sunshine, remember that it might have rained not long ago right where you’re going. Rains causes oil and dirt to come to the surface and a short rain won’t be enough to wash them away. And it’s way too easy to slide on an oily, dirty road surface.

You might still find patches of snow and ice, especially in shady spots, under bridges, and on ramps, and when you’re riding at night or in the early morning.

Spring rains can also flood roads. You can easily hydroplane out of control when driving through a puddle. Remember that you never know what’s under the water. It might be too deep to cross safely. It might hide potholes that can throw you for a loop. And it might conceal all manner of road debris that can rudely interrupt your ride.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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