You're Invited: Feb 23!

On Saturday February 23 the Eagle Leather store in Lakewood will present The Great Gear for the Ride Expo. From ten a.m. until four p.m., representatives from major brands of motorcycle gear will give presentations on the products they sell, answer your questions, and give away gear that (in total) is worth at least $2,000.00 in retail value.

We have space to preview just a few of the reps and what they will talk about and give away. So, you’ll just have to be there!

The rep for LS2 and Mobile Warming has been in the industry for eighteen years, so he has seen a lot of changes. He foresees even more use of technology and more wearer-useful features. He’s giving away a Rebellion helmet. It also comes in matte black or with chrome accents.) The half-shell helmet is made of high-performance, lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy and has flow-through, ported ventilation. The Twin Shield System drops down and can be locked half-way or fully opened. It has a quick-release chinstrap and is set up for easy installation of the LS2 LinkIn Bluetooth communication system by Sena (not included in the giveaway).

The representative for Bell helmets and Gerbing heated gear has been in the industry for fourteen years. He says that Bell exists to enable and inspire the next generation of boundary breakers. He foresees continued innovations for safety as well as rider comfort through lighter materials. Helmets, he says, are ever-changing and progressing. He is giving away a SRT helmet in shiny black and also in matte black. The SRT is designed for everyday comfort. It’s got a fiberglass shell for light weight and a Panovision shield for excellent optics. It’s made to be compatible with your eyewear and has recessed EPS speaker pockets.

The vendor rep for Firstgear and Cardo has them both beat. He’s been in the business for twenty-two years. This year, he told us, Cardo became the first communication system to use voice recognition and digital mesh so you no longer need buttons to activate your system. He foresees more and more advances in textiles that are becoming safer than leather. He’s giving away A Cardo Freecom 1. The Freecom 1 is, he tells us, the world’s most advanced Bluetooth headset for the single rider. It is so slim, just sixteen mm tall, that it’s very aerodynamic.

This is just a taste of what you could win at The Great Gear for the Ride Expo and a hint of what inside information you can get to help you choose the right equipment. Other brands that will have representatives at the Expo include Sena, Scorpion, Icon, Fly, Ram Mounts, and our own Eagle Leather brand.

It promises to be a day that’s packed with information, giveaway goodies, and fun—another great chance for motorcycle enthusiasts to meet and mingle. And if you’ve ever thought: “Why don’t they make…” or “Why doesn’t … have a … feature?” this is your chance to make your opinions known to the people who can pass them on.

We’ll have snacks, coffee, pop. Watch the Eagle Leather Facebook page for lunch information—we won’t let you starve!

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