Why We're Here!

Why We're Here!

October 06, 2011

Well this last week has given us all a not so subtle reminder that it pays to be geared up! Eagle Leather encourages Riders to actively think about what it will take to keep them safe while you're on the roads. Every day we assure people that you can wear the right gear and still look cool, and we educate Riders on what safety features to look for when choosing gear to combat our changing weather. October is a pivotal weather month in our region, and we invite you to come into Eagle Leather this month to view, try on, and learn about the many new innovations in Riding Gear. From a new pair of Waterproof Gloves to some great new additions to our Heated Gear department, we know you'll leave the store more informed, better protected, and looking good!

Speaking of new Gear, make sure you check out our new 'Sports Bike Department' now under construction and already stocked with some amazing Gear, deals, and Eagle Leather style selection! See you soon!

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