Why Cooling Gear is Important.

Last week we talked about protective gear that could help keep you cool in hot weather. This week let’s look at more gear to keep you cool.

Cooldanna head and neck ties contain non-toxic polymer crystals that activate when you soak them in cold water for ten minutes. Then they provide hours of coolness whether you’re riding or doing other outdoor activities. You wear the Coodanna as a headband or hair band or as a necktie. Made entirely of cotton, Cooldanna ties can be hand-washed and reused again and again. They come in an amazing variety of prints. Shown here is white lightning patterned on a deep blue background: https://eagleleather.com/products/cooldanna-lighting-blue.

The Arctic Bandana is a similar product. They’re about forty inches long, and you can use them to cool your head or your neck. They come in a wide range of prints and plain colors. The one shown here has an American flag based print.

You can also get a complete vest with those marvelous cooling crystals. For example, the Techniche HyperKewl cooling vest shown here in silver. It’s a simple, V-neck vest with a zip closure. You soak the vest as you do a Cooldanna, and it will give you five to ten hours of “coolth" (pleasantly low temperature). This vest is both lightweight and durable because it has a quilted nylon outer-layer, a HyperKewl Cooling Fabric interior liner, and then a water-repellent nylon liner. It comes in silver, black, blue and pink.

The same company makes this women’s vest: https://eagleleather.com/products/tech-hyper-deluxe-womens-vest. It features a high mandarin collar and has two front pockets. It is activated in the same way and made of the same combination of materials as the vest described above.

Made with the same cooling crystals is the Techniche Kewl Towel in blue. It’s 12 by 28 inches and also comes in pink. It’s made of highly absorbent PVA material and has a dimpled surface. Soak to activate and then it will stay hydrated for hours.

You need to keep hydrated, too, while you’re riding. Consider getting a drink holder to keep your water bottle handy. An inexpensive option, is shown here: https://eagleleather.com/products/mc-drink-holder. The Quick Release Motorcycle Drink Holder will carry 20-ounce bottles, 1-liter bottles, stainless steel mugs, and even fast food cups. It fits ½ inch to 1-3/4 inch bars. Rubber pads keep the clamps from slipping. You’ll find more options here: https://eagleleather.com/pages/search-results-page?q=cup+holder.

Consult our expert staff either in the Eagle Leather store on online for more information about cooling options.

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