What's Ahead for You in 2016?

Look Back on 2015 to Look Ahead in the New Year!
Plan for all the rides you wish you took this year!

The month of January is named for the Roman god Janus, who had two faces: one looked backward to the year just past; the other looked forward to the year ahead. This time of year, it’s almost inevitable that we look back on our own past year and evaluate what went right and what went wrong, what worked and what didn’t, what made us happier and what failed to contribute to our enjoyment of life. It’s also almost inevitable that we make some resolutions about the year to come. Maybe we want to improve our health, or be more generous, or spend more time with family and less at work.

Looking back to face the future applies to motorcycling, too. Which rides did you most enjoy? What could have made them better? Did you have any mechanical problems? Would better preventive maintenance have let you avoid them? And what about your gear? Did you get soaked in a rainstorm? Did you ever wish you could talk to the person or people you’re riding with? Any problems can point your way to solutions, which you can implement this year. Maybe that involves developing better habits, or buying new gear (at Eagle Leather, of course).

Maybe you rode less last year than you would have liked, or maybe the same-old, same-old, is just plain old. Is this the year to be more daring, to explore new highway and byways? Is this the year to add a new charity ride to those you already do? (And if you haven’t experienced a group ride, please make this the year to do that—it’s an experience you won’t regret.) Maybe it’s time to get more involved in the planning and day-of-the-ride work if your organization puts on a ride.

Do you wish you could remember all the details of some of the rides you’ve taken? Then this might be the year to buy a camera and explore some of the virtual scrapbooking techniques and services that let you combine maps with snapshots or videos.

And what about new rides—checking out the road less traveled? You can find ideas at websites like Motorcycle Roads, where you click on a state and find rides posted by fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. You can also check out the Eagle Leather Ride Guide for group rides events. Choosing an event in territory that isn’t familiar to you can be a good way to get acquainted. Fellow riders will be willing to share their favorite routes. You can plan to spend an extra day (or week or longer) and do some exploring. If you do, you might want to contact motorcycle clubs in the area for ideas.

May 2016 be a year of joy and prosperity for you and yours. May you enjoy new adventures on your bike and new friends riding by your side.

Happy New Year!
- Mike Toursal and the Eagle Leather staff

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