What Makes the Harley-Davidson Lifestyle So Appealing?

The Harley-Davidson Style of Life

When you say “Harley-Davidson,” what comes to mind?

Of course, first and foremost is the bike. For some, it might be a Dyna - like the legendary Low Rider or one of the more modern Softails. For others, it will be the classic Sportster. But then, several other things pop to mind: a leather jacket, the powerful roar of the engine, and miles of open road under the sun. And that's precisely what Harley-Davidson means to many of us. It’s not only a motorcycle brand, it also stands for freedom, individuality, and adventure – a symbol larger than life.

Harley Davidson Lifestyle

If you get that, you know what the Harley-Davidson lifestyle is all about.

The brand has developed a strong, distinct culture around itself. Those who love to cruise with good company experience the irreplaceable camaraderie of their HOG companions. There’s also the clothing, the music, the gear, and everything in between. You’ll recognize Harley-Davidson people wherever you go by sound, style, and attitude.

Let’s explore what makes them so unique.

The Music
When you’re with Harley bikers, the only thing blasting as loud as the sound of the Big Twins would be some hard rock classics. Harley-Davidson has always been associated with rock, and it is clear why. Think about the greatest tracks from The Allman Brothers, Steppenwolf, or Lynyrd Skynyrd. Or, more specifically, “Born to Be Wild” or “Hair of the Dog” by Nazareth. 

That music sounds like it was made specifically for bikers, particularly Harley bikers. Raw, mighty guitar riffs – an unrelenting drumbeat – and a bass line that drives the song along as your hog overtakes the road. Then there’s the lyrics. Hard rock’s all about living a free life on your own terms, with a no-nonsense approach to every challenge you face.

Hard Rock’s the soundtrack for the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.

The Clothing
If you asked anyone to tell you what to wear on a Harley-Davidson machine, it would be leather. And truly, most of us could not imagine getting on the road without our trusty leather jackets or vests. While those items will immediately identify you as a Harley rider, especially if you are rocking a model with the famous logo, there’s more to the Harley-Davidson style.

Harley riders invariably wear a pair of genuine American jeans. In addition, they’ll sport sturdy riding boots. And, as we all know, when the leather jacket comes off, you’ll see a tattoo or two. Those who go for a particularly aggressive style might complete the look with some road-ready leather chaps.

One thing’s for sure: Even if you somehow do not hear a Harley rider coming, you’ll know you’re in their company when you see them.

The Lifestyle of Riding Hard and Living Free
This celebrated brand carries profound meaning and today, everyone knows a Harley fan when they see one. If you’re living the Harley way, you know what it means to ride to meet life, instead of waiting for it.

Freedom and individuality are universal values, and nothing reflects them better than the Harley-Davidson style of life.

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