The Vest That Saved Dave's Back

About 10 years ago Dave decided to get serious about embracing the biker lifestyle.

But first things first – he needed some new gear – a decent jacket, boots, and quality jeans. And of course, a new helmet.  Once he had outfitted himself properly (so he thought), he got his hands on a sweet 2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200.

His dreams had come true, and weekends were soon filled with the thrill of the road and the simple joys of touching up and tweaking his bike.  Everyone he knew could see his eyes sparkling with excitement.

However, there were dark clouds on the horizon…

An old accident that had taken place years ago had left Dave with a somewhat mild back injury.

Now that wouldn’t be much of a problem on its own if Dave had been a careful, cautious rider.

But that’s not Dave.

He wasn’t “reckless” meaning he took crazy chances or anything like that.  But he did wrestle with the same weakness many new and even experienced bikers battle – he loved to ride FAST, even when road conditions were less than ideal.

Dave’s new motorcycle didn’t help matters either. Although the Sportster’s undoubtedly a great bike, it’s still more of a sports model than a cruiser. Dave’s back had to endure greater strain than if he was comfortably seated in a Road Glide or a similar model.

You can probably see where all this was headed – and it happened one September day.

Returning from a trip, Dave was rolling up to a traffic light when the truck in front of him suddenly slammed on the brakes.

It had rained the night before, and the road was still wet. Dave managed to slow down, but to avoid slamming into the truck, he had to veer right. His front wheel hit the edge of the curb, throwing Dave off the Sportster.

Fortunately, the accident wasn’t too severe. However, it didn’t do his already tender back any favors.

His doctor told him this new back injury could put an end to his riding days – he couldn’t afford another similar mishap.

So, Dave started looking for ways to keep his back better protected.

Of course, the most common advice was to get a different motorcycle.  That didn’t fly, Dave loved the Sportster. Besides, no matter how comfortable his bike was, he could still have another accident.

The answer came by heading back to the store…

Many bikers don’t realize how important a motorcycle vest can be when it comes to safety, especially for your back and torso.  Dave certainly fell into that category.

But his attitude changed after learning the value of a quality vest – which, when properly fitted and made from topnotch materials, can work as a road safety powerhouse.

When choosing a vest, look for features like high quality leather and side adjusters that let you tweak it the for the best fit possible.

The vest Dave chose was made of sturdy, premium cowhide. Inside, it had concealed carry pockets, and it looked amazing. Just the combination Dave needed for longer journeys.

Once he put the vest on, it looked perfectly tailored to his body – it gave him the authentic look, he always craved.

This one simple piece of gear solved all of Dave’s issues – his near miss was a great wakeup call to upgrade his somewhat sloppy riding style, and the vest provided insurance so if he did happen to tip over again, the vest’s ideal fit would safeguard him from further injuries.

Having a motorcycle vest that ticks all the boxes can mean the difference between a bruised or injured back and walking away from an accident practically good as new.

When you find the right vest, you’ll soon see it become a crucial part of your riding gear.

If you’re interested in a vest sure to enhance your style and add real safety benefits, Eagle Leather has got you covered. Check out the latest collection at – you’ll find awesome biker vests and a variety of other motorcycle gear to complete your setup.

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