Make Sure Your Motorcycle Jacket Fits


Make Sure Your Motorcycle Jacket Fits, Eagle Leather

When hitting the road and putting on something as iconic as the jacket, there’s probably two things on your mind:

  • the bike itself and
  • that sturdy piece of leather or tough fabric on your shoulders.

But a motorcycle jacket isn’t merely about style – its primary purpose is to keep you safe. And that’s not only a matter of design, the jacket needs to fit you just right to do its job properly.

This article will tell you all you need to know about getting a motorcycle jacket that fits you in just the right way.

Finding that “Just Right” Jacket

Bottom line, how well your jacket fits comes down to dimensions.

But getting this right goes beyond simply picking the right size. You need to pay attention to various individual factors.

First of all, the jacket can’t be too short or long. If it doesn’t at least hit your belt line while standing, it won’t do a great job protecting you from the wind and cold. (It should also go without saying that you’ll look pretty ridiculous as well.)

On the other hand, if the jacket is too long, it could start flapping in the breeze whenever a gust of wind strikes. The excess material could even prevent you from operating the bike properly, possibly creating a massively hazardous situation. Worst of all, it could get stuck, limiting your movement when it’s crucial you’re able to act quickly.

Ideally, the base of your jacket should reach your thighs when sitting. (Now if your riding style is more adventurous, it can be somewhat longer.)

Similar considerations go for the sleeves. You don’t want them too short or tight, since the sleeves could stop blood circulation and cause your hands to get too cold.  But sleeves that are TOO long will quickly become a nuisance, making it harder to manage the bike.

The right sleeve size should reach the middle of your palms when standing with arms at your side.

Finally, pay attention to the collar. It should be tight enough to keep your neck protected. If the collar is overly loose, it could wind up hitting your face, especially during higher-speed rides.

You might be wondering how to find a jacket that meets all these requirements while being safe and stylish at the same time.

Luckily, Eagle Leather has the solution.

Visit the official website at and browse the expansive catalog of motorcycle jackets. The perfect fit for you is likely waiting to be discovered among the collection.


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