Make an Impression with a Versatile Motorcycle Jacket!


Textile Jackets: A Versatile Choice for Riders

Textile might sound inferior compared to leather, but that’s not entirely true. Advances in manufacturing have produced exceptionally versatile materials – you can find a jacket made of waxed canvas for casual everyday rides or a heavy textile piece fit for touring. The governing organizations don't allow the use of this material in racing, but aside from that, there are plenty of jackets suitable for any rider. 

Riding Shirts Keep You Covered – No Need to Change Outfits When You Get Off Your Machine!

For starters, there’s the riding shirt. Don’t let the title fool you – it’s anything but a regular shirt. Riding shirts come with liners, fiber reinforcements and even full armor, but won’t be as protective as more robust gear. They also look completely regular on the outside – you can find them in denim, flannel, or even hoodie-style designs. Riding shirts provide solid protection while riding and fit great with casual clothes. In other words, you don’t have to change your outfit when you get off your machine.

Mesh Jackets - Get the Motorcycle Look While Enjoying Comfort and Protection!

Next, there’s the mesh jacket. It’s probably the lightest type of jacket that still has that distinct “I ride motorcycles” look but may stand out in a more casual environment. However, the added protection and weather resistance can make it worth it. Mesh jackets can come with elbow and shoulder armor, plus a pocket for back protectors. They’re ideal for those hot summer rides, as they keep you cool and protected.

Textile Jackets Beat the Elements!

Finally, there’s the full textile jacket. This is the most robust type of textile variant, with thermal liners, vents, and technical improvements that offer optimal protection. The jacket is windproof, waterproof and offers great protection against all types of weather conditions. If you want the toughest protection, then full textile will be your best choice. 

Leather Jackets: Stand Out from the Crowd in Classic Style!

If you still prefer the style of leather, don’t worry – there are plenty of great options for you too! Leather jackets are more durable than textile, so if you skid, you may not have to replace your jacket, but you should. They also have a classic look that everyone recognizes and respects. However, leather may not be the best for extreme temperatures and weather conditions, so you should take those into consideration. 

When choosing the best suit for you, it’s always important to get the perfect fit. So, to help you pick the best size and type for your new jacket that will best suit your needs check out our article on “Get the Perfect Fit for Your Motorcycle Jacket: Follow These Steps”.  Then you can make sure you have the best fitting garment out there.

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