How to Communicate Safely While Riding

Being able to communicate and stay in touch with your biking buddies as you’re enjoying the open road is a very good thing.

But you don’t need to keep a few things to keep safe.

  1. Before you ride, make sure every riders system has been charged, because not every system is capable of charging while you ride.
  2. Update your systems to the latest firmware, because every few months updates come out that improve the communication.
  3. Pair everyone prior to starting out. Depending on your system you may need to re-pair after a stop if you are not using DMC.
  4. Make sure the app is installed on your phone for quick access settings and the user guide, for overall ease of use.

    Don’t let how easy communication is nowadays turn into a distraction from what you’re doing. Stay aware of what’s happening on the road you’re on and with the vehicles around you.

    Remember, distracted driving comes in many forms, not just texting, and it leads to way too many accidents.

    Stay safe out there!
    - Mike

    Note: This is an update to the article Safe Communication While Riding.

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