Finding the Perfect Jacket for Business AND Pleasure

Taking a Motorcycle Jacket to a Meeting

I’ve always loved hitting the road on my Harley. On open highway, it’s a burly beast that makes every one of its 89-horses pay off. And when cruising city streets, the bike’s smooth, powerful design turns heads every time.

This bike – Harley’s Road King – has been a source of infinite joy for me. The only issues I’ve encountered rolled in from a totally different direction – fashion.

Dressing for success when seeing friends was one thing. We would usually meet up in a casual setting and I could wear my regular motorcycle jacket.

But things changed when I chose to ride somewhere for business. This meant a change of clothes, which never sat well with me. Although strapping on some bags was a possibility, I just hated obscuring the perfect, elegant line of my Harley with additional equipment.

Thus began my quest to find a superior alternative – a motorcycle jacket I could take to a business meeting. And after a few weeks of research, I found just the thing - a jacket that could keep me safe and warm on the road, while looking professional and stylish when I got off my bike.

Here’s Everything That Makes a Motorcycle Jacket Great…

There are several things I look for when it comes to motorcycle jackets: protection, material, lining, design, and, of course, the pockets.

Now my riding style was never such that it required fully-armored bike gear. Still, I always made sure to stay safe on the road and be outfitted accordingly. After all, it doesn’t take much to end up with scrapes and bruises while biking if you’re not dressed properly.

A jacket’s material should be able to withstand the harsh bite of pavement should something go wrong. Sturdy enough to resist damage, but not feeling like I’m riding in medieval full-plate armor.

For me, that material is leather.

Granted, there are other, more modern alternatives, but there’s something about leather that makes it so satisfying to wear. Leather simply has a classic, timeless look to it that makes it extremely versatile. And leather motorcycle jackets can outperform its substitutes, offering a superior level of protection that’s crucial.

Moving down a layer, I like a jacket with an additional lining so that I don’t get caught off-guard by sudden gusts of wind leaving me chilled and half-frozen.

Now when it comes to design, things get a bit more complicated.

We all know what the usual biker jacket looks like. And even though it can help you strike a powerful pose as you ride by on your motorcycle, it’s far from an all-round clothing item.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to be seen riding my Harley in a C-suite outfit, even if there was a biker variant.

The sweet spot for jacket design therefore needs to hit the middle ground without coming across as boring or bland. And that, as it turns out, can be tough to find.

Finally, we come to the pockets.

If you’re like me, and you’ve spent entire days zipping on your bike from one point to the next, you know how crucial it is for your jacket to have ample storage for critical items like house keys, wallet, phone, and other bits and pieces. And I have zero desire to pack all that on my bike.

The solution is to have enough jacket pockets to store everything without looking like I’m wearing a fishing vest.

Good news is that I’ve found a motorcycle jacket that meets those demands, along with all others I’ve talked about here.

My Dream Motorcycle Jacket

After searching far and wide for a jacket that ticks all the boxes, I found just what I was looking for – Eagle Leather and their terrific Bronson V2 jacket.

Of course, its leather looks impressive, but it’s not just for show. Crafted in the bomber style from the World War II era, the Bronson V2 has been updated to meet the modern rider’s needs. With six vents and a removable insulated liner, it can be worn in hot and cold climates. And its clean, classic lines make it a perfect fit when transitioning from bike to business.

It’s two holster pockets offer easy access to your important things, plus Zip-closed pockets provide ample storage while keeping things from falling out.

In other words, this jacket has it all.

As soon as I discovered it, I jumped at the opportunity, and the Bronson V2 has become my go-to jacket choice ever since.

So, if you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket that delivers on comfort, safety, and style, you’ll want to check out what Eagle Leather has in stock. You can visit the site at and browse through the options.

If I found my dream jacket there, chances are you will, too.

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