Ensure the Perfect Fit - Try Out the Jacket Before You Buy It!

Ensure the perfect fit | Try it before you buy it | Eagle Leather

Make Sure to Give the Jacket a Go as Soon as Possible

So, you’ve done the measuring, choosing, etc.  – great!  But the only way to know if a jacket really fits you is to try it out. You’ll need to see how the jacket behaves once you start moving in it.

First thing: when you put on the jacket, zip it ALL the way up. The jacket should feel comfortable, not too tight, not too loose.  Snug enough so that it doesn’t flap when you move.

Stand straight with the jacket zipped up and your arms relaxed. The ends of your sleeves should reach the middle of your palms. Then, raise your hands to mimic holding the handlebar. In this position, the sleeves will pull back a bit, but should still cover your wrists.

Next, check the shoulders. The shoulder section of the jacket should end at the same point as your shoulders. If this section is higher, the jacket’s too small or tight. And if it goes lower than your shoulders, it’s too big or loose. The fabric shouldn’t look baggy or like there’s too much of it.

Check your jacket for adjustment straps – most models have them. The straps will be found around the waistline and possibly at one or more points on the sleeves. Test how the straps can adjust the jacket. Ideally, they should allow you to remove or add clothing layers.

Make sure your jacket doesn’t look baggy. The material should hug your body completely but, again, not be overly tight. Also, reach out one arm and try to slide the elbow section back and forth. If it moves considerably, that’s a sign your jacket is too big.

If you can’t cross your arms, or you notice the sleeves go too far back with your arms outstretched, the jacket is too small. This will likely mean you won’t be able to move properly when wearing it, or possibly add more layers of clothing.

Practice makes perfect when trying out jackets. You can become quite proficient at recognizing the right fit if you try out many different models. They don’t have to be jackets you necessarily intend to buy – simply come into Eagle Leather, go through their selection, and see how different jackets fit you.

With some experience under your belt (and taking our advice to heart), you’ll have a much better idea of what to look for when shopping for your perfect motorcycle jacket.

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